Piper Launches 5E Curriculum

Piper Launches 5E Curriculum

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – June 25, 2019: Piper, a leading STEAM education startup announced the availability of Piper Premium Curriculum, a turnkey solution provides educators with access to a first of its kind online STEAM education curriculum. Piper Premium Curriculum is an online STEAM hub where teachers can goto learn about STEAM integration in a secure “educator only” community where teachers can interact with other teachers and ask questions, offer support and inspiration. Available as an annual subscription of $99, Piper Premium Curriculum provides educators with regularly updated STEAM education resources that teachers can customize and choose precisely what their students need for success. 

Piper Premium Curriculum an online portal and community where educators can access engaging project-based STEAM lesson plans for inquiry-based instruction, enhanced with rubrics, assessments and vocabulary. Teachers never have to worry about out of date versions, Piper will support with continuous updates. The Piper Premium Curriculum is a one stop resource with everything needed for increased teacher support. Aligned to K-12 Computer Science, NGS and Common Core Standards for grades 3 – 8.

Educators spend a considerable amount of time designing lesson plans, making it more difficult to plan courses that are STEAM specific and Piper’s new Premium Curriculum provides a highly customizable framework that serves to mitigate hurdles STEAM educators face every day. Even seasoned STEAM educators face the challenge of having the latest and most up to date versions of STEAM curricula and educator resources. According to a 2018 report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, many STEAM educators are not adequately prepared to provide robust learning opportunities that foster simultaneous content knowledge and language development in the classrooms.

“Piper Premium Curriculum is created by educators for educators and aims to empower teachers with better access to STEAM education resources.

We listened to what teachers want and need and are aiming to support them in ways they haven’t had before. From expert to novice in STEAM education, our new resource allows classroom customization helping teachers be the best educators they can be,” said Todd Ullah, Chief Academic Officer, Piper. “If we can change the life of just one student through our dynamic, engaging and student-centered Computer Science and STEAM program, we will be doing our job.”

Supporting teachers with robust, easy to implement resources can have a profoundly positive effect on the success of STEAM education programs. The new Piper Premium Curriculum is a web-based curriculum that is standards aligned and designed around the 5E instructional model. Piper Premium Curriculum equips educators with the requisite tools and preparation to effectively engage students in collaborative STEAM learning.

“All students, including English learners, should have opportunities and equal access to participate in STEAM learning,” said Rebeca Andrade, Director of Early Education and Expanded Learning Programs Director, Glendale Unified School District. “Organizing schools and preparing teachers so both educators and students can reach their full potential in STEAM can transform the lives of individual students as well as the lives of teachers, schools and society as a whole."