Uploading Firmware – Piper

Uploading Firmware

In order to use your controller with any video game, first you need to upload the firmware.


Detach Controller Piece #7 or #8 (so you can view the Microcontroller Board).

NOTE: Revisit "Take Time to Troubleshoot" if you encounter any issues with configuring the Microcontroller.



Open your Arduino IDE.

  1. Open up a new sketch.
  2. Upload the following code:



How to use your Piper Command Center Controller:

  1. Click down on the Joystick to toggle between control states
    1. In Mouse Mode (default), the joystick controls cursor movement and the left and right buttons mimic left and right mouse clicks.
    2. In Keyboard Mode, the joystick mimics the arrow keys on a keyboard, and the buttons mimic Space Bar (Up), Z (Left), X (Down), and C (Right) keys on a keyboard.
    3. If the code is working, check out the Resources section at the bottom of the Project Hub to play video games or learn more with Arduino & Processing (p5.js).


    STEP 4

    Reattach Controller Piece #7 or #8.