StoryMode Minigame - Dark Maze – Piper

StoryMode Minigame - Dark Maze

StoryMode Minigame - Dark Maze

storymode: dark maze 

To do this project, you will need a Piper Computer Kit

Skills and Time

StoryMode Minigame - Dark Maze

Time: 10 minutes                      Age Range: 8+                  Difficulty: Beginner



Dark Maze

To access this project from the Piper Computer Kit main menu, click StoryMode then click Cheeseteroid.  

Look for the planet image like you see on the right! 

(Note: You must have completed Treasure Hunt before unlocking Dark Maze.)

 StoryMode Minigame - Dark Maze


As you might have noticed as you played through the Story Mode levels, MiniGames unlock. MiniGames are represented by moons next to the planets and may be unlocked after completing the main project.

Each mini game consists of building a “power-up” or electronic component using the mini breadboard in your Piper Computer Kit. Instead of solving a challenge and moving to the next level, in MiniGames you may play over and over and try to beat your last score or time.

(Note: Any PowerUps built in Mini Games may be used in Creative Mode!)

StoryMode Minigame - Dark Maze

Step 1: Build a Torch PowerUp

Find the crafting table and right click it with the wrench to enter PipingMode and get instructions for building an LED light. Use an LED light from your bag of LED lights, you pick the color. The Torch PowerUp puts a torch next to you every 5 seconds.  

StoryMode Minigame - Dark Maze

Step 2: Find a Redstone Block in the Dark Maze

Dark Maze is a timed game. The goal is to find a Redstone Block as fast as possible. A timer will show you how much time has passed as you navigate the game. 

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