StoryMode Project Guide - Cheeseteroid – Piper

StoryMode Project Guide - Cheeseteroid

StoryMode Project Guide - Cheeseteroid

StoryMode: Cheeseteroid project

To do this project, you will need a Piper Computer Kit


Skills & Time

StoryMode Project Guide - Cheeseteroid

Time: 30 minutes       Age Range: 8+       Difficulty: Beginner


StoryMode Project Guide - CheeseteroidTo access this project from the Piper Computer Kit main menu, click StoryMode then click CheeseteroidLook for the planet image like you see on the right! 


Help Piperbot learn a new jumping function to get out of the Cheeseteroid maze! Students can accomplish this by continuing with the wiring scheme presented earlier. The main difference is that the yellow wires will go into pins 13 and 14. Once able to jump, it’s just a matter of getting through the maze following the red blocks. Good luck!


Building upon the learnings from Mars: electrical currents, circuits, and buttons, this mission will introduce the additional concept of directional flow of circuits. Draw upon an analogy between the Raspberry Pi and a battery to teach about how current flows from positive to negative. Observe the animation to determine which are the positive and negative poles. (Note: One pin is positive and one is negative.) 

StoryMode Project Guide - Cheeseteroid

Step 1: Build the Yellow Jump Button

In this project, the first thing to do is find the crafting table to get your instructions on building the yellow button which will be used for jumping.

Find the crafting table and "right click" it. Follow the instructions to build your yellow button. Use GPIO pins 16,14.

StoryMode Project Guide - Cheeseteroid
StoryMode Project Guide - Cheeseteroid
StoryMode Project Guide - Cheeseteroid

Step 2: Find the Golden Wrench

The challenge is to follow the red blocks to find the portal. (Note: Hold down the red "forward" button and the yellow "jump" button at the same time to navigate quickly.)

Step 3: Enter the Portal

Once you believe you have found the golden wrench, the story takes a twist! The golden wrench is not there, and the adventure continues. The instructions are to find the portal to move to the next challenge.  


To solve the challenge follow the red blocks, they will lead you to a crafting table. The crafting table hints at a Golden Wrench, but the actual Golden Wrench is not available until the final chapter, Return to Cheeseteroid. (Note: hold the forward and jump buttons down and put pressure forward on the buttons to get good electrical contact from all components. This helps students move and jump continuously over the rugged terrain.)

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