StoryMode Project Guide - Funky Fungi – Piper

StoryMode Project Guide - Funky Fungi

StoryMode Project Guide - Funky Fungi

StoryMode: Funky Fungi Project

To do this project, you will need a Piper Computer Kit

Skills and Time

Time: 30 minutes   Age Range: 8+   Difficulty: Beginner

Funky Fungi

To access this project from the Piper Computer Kit main menu, click StoryMode then click Cheeseteroid.

Look for the planet image like you see on the right!

(Note: You must have completed Rainbow Bridge before unlocking Funky Fungi.)

StoryMode Project Guide - Funky Fungi


Piperbot gets transported to the magical world of funky fungi! Help Piperbot combine buttons and switches into a new wiring scheme and recall different structures from memory. Once completed, make your way to the next portal. Good luck!


In this level, the buttons allow you to call different memory states and the buttons to share what is called a ground. A third state, set by a switch, allows you to call from memory continuously instead of on demand.

StoryMode Project Guide - Funky Fungi
StoryMode Project Guide - Funky Fungi

Step 1: Navigate the World

To find the crafting cable, find the staircase then make your way to the house. 

Step 2: Build two Buttons

In PipingMode, the instructions will have you grab two buttons from your storage chest. In this project, one wire will be shared between two switches so you only need three wires. GPIO Setup:  17,19,25 (Note: The image below also shows a switch, we will build the switch in a subsequent step.)

StoryMode Project Guide - Funky Fungi
StoryMode Project Guide - Funky Fungi

Step 3: Build a Path

Use the push buttons to build your own path. Each of the buttons will place blocks in a unique design. 
(Note: You are able to build "straight up" by placing blocks underneath your character by jumping as you place blocks.)

Step 4: Build a Switch

Find the 2nd crafting table along the side of the path. The instructions will have you build a switch: GPIO pins: 33,35

StoryMode Project Guide - Funky Fungi

Step 5: Build the Path to the Portal

When the switch is in the "on" position the blocks will be built automatically underneath you, so you'll have no need to press the buttons.  Continue to follow the floating path by building your own path until you find the portal!


After the second crafting table, keep going up to reach the red platform with the portal. Press the buttons and move forward to build paths and stairs as needed to connect the blocks and cross the chasms along the way. When the switch is added, this process gets easier.

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