About – Piper


We founded Piper in 2014 with a simple vision:

To create experiences around learning with technology that are hands-on, effective, and fun.

Since then, Piper has grown into an award-winning EdTech company based in San Francisco, CA committed to providing quality STEAM educational opportunities to students around the globe.


Dr. Shree Bose



Shree is an MD / PhD, Harvard graduate, winner of the inaugural Google Global Science Fair, and a passionate STEM advocate. She cofounded Piper to inspire the next generation of innovators. Learn more at ShreeBose.com.

Google Science Fair

Co-founder Shree Bose wins the first ever Google Science Fair
Aug, 2011


The first Piper Computer Kit shipment is made to support our successful Kickstarter campaign
Dec, 2015

Seed Funding

Piper receives Seed Round of funding from investors
Apr, 2016

Lessons Created

The first Piper lesson plans are created
Aug, 2016

#1 STEM Toy

Piper becomes the #1 STEM toy on Amazon.com
Nov, 2017


PiperCode is introduced and added to the Piper Computer Kit
Mar, 2018

Premium Curriculum

Piper Premium Curriculum is published with 35 Standards Aligned Lesson Plans
Aug, 2018

Tech and Learning Best of Show

Piper Wins Tech and Learning Best of Show at ISTE
Dec, 2019

Piper Make

Piper Make is launched in partnership with Google and Raspberry Pi
Mar, 2021

Google for Education Build Partner

Piper becomes official Google for Education Build Partner
Apr, 2021

Bett Kids Judge Award

Piper wins Kids Judge Bett award for Sustainable Coding
Jan, 2024



Bob Wood

With a rich background in education community engagement, workforce development, and the advancement of additive manufacturing, Bob brings a wealth of expertise to our mission. Bob's passion for innovative technologies and his dedication to preparing the workforce of the future align seamlessly with Piper's vision.

Chris Bouman

Marketing and Sales
A seasoned professional in the world of global brand marketing with an impressive 14-year tenure at Mattel, Chris honed his expertise by spearheading dynamic strategies for the iconic Hot Wheels brand. At the core of our success lies Chris's passion for creating meaningful connections between brands and people.

Kate Hay

Customer Success
A dedicated professional who has left an indelible mark in the realms of STEM education and organizational management. Kate's commitment to fostering innovative and hands-on learning experiences has inspired countless students and educators alike. Kate continues to drive our mission forward, ensuring that every experience we create is infused with wonder and growth.

Kim Nolan

With a robust background as an administrator at Hire-Ability, Kim's commitment to empowering individuals with diverse abilities has been truly transformative. As an integral part of our team, Kim's exceptional organizational skills and compassionate approach bring together the vision of Piper through our Made in USA manufacturing and operations.

Matt Matz

Product Development
With a passion for inspiring young minds, Matt's innovative teaching methods have sparked curiosity and creativity among countless students. Beyond the classroom, he has earned a reputation as one of the foremost developers in Google Blockly, crafting interactive and engaging educational tools that redefine the learning experience. Matt's dedication to bridging the gap between technology and education is seamlessly woven into our mission.

Prarthana Bose

With three decades of expertise in federal grants, accounting, and operations, Prarthana Bose leads Piper's accounting efforts. She skillfully oversees day-to-day financial operations for sales with insights gained from managing her R&D-focused small businesses. As Shree's mom, Prarthana inspired Piper's values and continues to embody our vision of lifelong learning through hands-on experiences.

Dave Pavlik

David Pavlik current primary duty with Rockwell Venture Capital is providing business, management, and accounting services to portfolio companies. Previously he held the position of Controller for Pro Grass LLC a Rockwell national synthetic turf company. Prior to his time with Rockwell he spent 25 years as Controller then Treasurer for a full-service national commercial real estate company.

Jon Prove

Jon Prove is an analytical and accomplished Sales and Operations Director and strategic leader. With a knack for innovation, Jon is renowned for spearheading corporate initiatives in business development, sales, and global operations. Backed by a Master of Business Administration from Hult International Business School.

Kris Rockwell

Director of Product
Kris has been involved in the learning industry for over twenty years working in gaming, simulation and learning standards. Outside of his work in learning, Kris has been working in the nonprofit world supporting organizations that focus on learning, equality, entrepreneurship and conservation.

Katie Tandlmayer

Katie is the lead in digital design and development for Rockwell Venture Capital. Katie manages websites, digital presence, and other business materials for many of RVC’s investments, including Piper! Previous to her time with RVC Katie worked with Hybrid Learning Systems and ImpactGames on a variety of educational development projects.



Shameeka Emanuel

Board Member
Shameeka is a Diversity STEM Specialist at Google. She has launched products and programs in the IT sector, applying engineering, design and human development principles through an innovative multidisciplinary approach.

John Irvin

Board Member
John Irvin currently serves as a senior advisor for Rockwell Venture Capital. Previous to his time with RVC he has served as the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of The ExOne Company, the President of PartnersFinancial, the Chief Executive Officer of Innovative Benefits Consulting, Inc, and a partner and co-founder of Mid Atlantic Capital Group. Currently he serves on the Board of Directors of The ExOne Company as well as the S. Kent Rockwell Foundation, the PartnersFinancial Foundation, and the Mine Vision Systems, Inc. board.

Bryan Smith

Board Member
Bryan Smith is a Financial Analyst at Rockwell Venture Capital. Bryan holds a BS in Accounting from Grove City College, as well as, an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh – Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business. He began his career at Whitaker House Publishing / Anchor Distributors and then spent over a decade in progressing roles in the Controller’s Group at Heinz North America. Since Heinz, Bryan has served as Director of Financial Reporting / Information Systems and Director of FP&A at The ExOne Company.