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Where do I access my Premium Curriculum?

Your Premium Curriculum can be accessed at this portal. Note you need to be logged into your Piper account and have purchased your Piper Premium Curriculum with that account to access.

How do I transfer my membership from teachwithpiper.com?

There are complete instructions on transferring your account here. Scroll down for instructions with animated GIFs to guide you through the process. If there are any issues, shoot us an email at hi@playpiper.com.

Do you have any recommendations for using Piper in the classroom?

Top Ten Educator Tips

Before You Begin:

  • Build and play yourself first!  The best way to support your students is understand the process. Try building the Piper computer ahead of time, working through Minecraft: Raspberry Pi Edition with StoryMode, and try out projects in PiperCode!

  • Do your updates! If your kits have been sitting around for a while, make sure you have Updated the Game Software for the most updated StoryMode and PiperCode software.

  • Before turning on any Piper computer, you need to charge the Piper batteries. You should also make it a habit to charge batteries between every lesson! Check out this Piper Support Charging the Battery page.

Support As You Go:

  • If you don’t hear sound, you will need to charge the Piper speakers! Check out this Piper Support Charging the Speaker page.

  • During Phase 1: Build lessons, you can have a built Piper available for reference. Watch the Piper Support Piper Assembly Video or have this playing in the background.

  • If your learners build the kit and turn on the battery, but the screen is black, there’s some common missed steps - check out the Piper Support My Screen is not Working page.

  • If your screen is built correctly, but the game still isn’t booting up, it’s usually that the SD card is not installed correctly - check out the Piper Support The Game is not Booting Up page for more info.

  • We lost some screws! Accidentally broke a part! If you bought a Piper Classroom bundle, you have extra parts in your spare parts kit! If not, contact Piper Customer Service by emailing hi@playpiper.com. Or order replacement parts here.

  • Serve your English Language Learners! - Piper Story Mode comes in English, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, French, and Japanese. To choose the language, go into the game's settings menu and select the language option. Read more on Piper Support What Languages does Piper support? Page.

  • Confused about moving around inside Minecraft or Piper Story Mode levels? - Ask one of your learners who’s a Minecraft enthusiast to give you a tour! Or check out the New to Minecraft? 5 Functions to Know section of this document.

Need more help? Contact Piper Customer Service by emailing hi@playpiper.com  or ask your questions in the Knowledge Base on the left.


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