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Ultrasonic Drum

Drrrrrrum Roll, please? Use your ultrasonic range finder as a drum

Twinkling Lights

Use your LEDs to make a spoooooky jack-o-lantern

Speak Like a Machine

Beep beep boop boop, learn the basics of binary code

Prepare for Launch

3, 2, 1... Blastoff! Go #OutofThisWorld with this project

Launch Sequence

Prep for takeoff by programming your lights and sounds

Binary Hero

Like Guitar Hero, just with binary!

Control Freak

Use your breadboard and buttons to create your own controller

Rocket Ship

To Infinity and Beyond! Go #OutofThisWorld with your own rocket


Find the temperature that is *just right* with your sensor and LEDs

Security Zone

Intruder Alert! Use your range finder to create an alarm


Fiery or Icy? This temperature sensor project is #mood

Color Coded

Code secret messages and make sure to hide your ~true colors~


Learn the basics of the program editor and programming


Bug-B-Gone -- Learn to debug a program and circuit here!

Light Show

Let there be light! Learn to use buttons to control LEDs


Don't blink an eye! Learn the basics of the program editor

Circuit Design

+ or -: Learn to control pins by connecting them to one another


Sound the alarm! Learn how to make lights and sounds


Count me in! Learn to make a tally machine in this project

Frog Frenzy

Ribbit ribbit, use red and green LEDs timing to play one another


Snake eyes! Learn how to simulate a dice roll by making a random number generator

El Pangolin (Simon)

Design a game to play against one another

Beat the Buzzer

Fastest reflex wins! Play each other to hit the buzzer and turn on your light first

5-Button Synthesizer

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So -- Make your five button synth using your buttons!

Bot Builder

Piperbot, but make it fashion -- Design a new look for Piperbot

Pip Hop

Rock out with your own musical creations!


Welcome to Level 1 -- A Sneak Peek


Welcome to Level 2 -- A Sneak Peek

Rainbow Bridge

Bridge our differences by helping Piperbot get over this rainbow bridge

Chain Reaction

Make it go boom! Help Piperbot blow up obstacles in the way

Treasure Hunt

X marks the spot, look for the golden wrench in this project

Breadboard Bluffs

Gotta fix a breadboard to make that toast! Fix the current flow here

Funky Fungi

Find your way to the next portal, but watch out for the funky fungi!

Power Plant

A Whole New World -- Help Piperbot harness water for energy!

Return to the Cheesteroid

Piperbot and Pip face off again on the cheesteroid. Help them navigate in their toughest challenge yet!

Snake Trap

Quite the charmer you are! Build circuits to trap a snake in this minigame

Dark Maze

Make yourself a torch to find your way in the dark through a treacherous maze

Ring Race

Learn about minigames to start flying and collect rings as you go!

Build Command Center 

Let's learn how to build and program the Piper Command Center

Arduino Processing 

Let's learn how to build and program the Piper Command Center

Arduino IDE 

Processing "classic" with the Arduino IDE from your desktop

Arduino Create

Cloud based processing from your browser through a plug-in


Let's code the Command Center to act like a mouse. Squeek. Squeek.

Minecraft Controller 

Build and customize your own game controller for playing Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft


Music engineers use MIDI devices. Let's build one using the Command Center. Music is good for the soul!

Drawing Control

Draw with the Command Center through processing and programming

Game Firmware

Upload firmware do use Command Center for basic games.

Visualizer or Video Game

To make your own visualizers or video games, learn how to use Processing.

Roblox Controller

Code your Command Center to play Roblox

Projects Below are for the Light Show Matrix

Build your Light Show 

Mission Control has your Blueprint, let's build your Light Show #Matrix

Communication Interface

We've built it but does it work. Let's put on a real light show!


Need a smile? Code one with your Command Center and Light Show!

Race Car Game

Ready, set, go! Build and program a game where you avoid obstacles and try to finish first!