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The Piper Make Mission Control is our browser-based, drag-and-drop coding platform designed to be used with our Piper Make Starter Kit and Widgets. Through the missions, kids will learn the basics of coding and using the building blocks of technology.


What is Mission Control? Where can I use it?

Piper Make Mission Control refers to our online drag-and-drop coding platform. It is free and open-source with missions that correspond to the hardware widgets you can buy in the Piper Make product line. Access it here:
When you access the site, you will land in the Starter Kit Expedition with the mission "Getting Started" first on your screen. Scroll or click right arrow to see more missions in the expedition.
Once when you click into each of the missions, you'll see your Piper Make workspace.

What are Mission Control Expeditions?

Piper Make widgets are designed to fit into career-connected missions that form a cohesive expeditions—whether Energy or Design or more. 

On Mission Control, you can toggle between the Expeditions in the bottom panel:
You can use this bottom panel to see each of the missions in the expedition. For the Piper Make Starter Kit Expedition, you can select the missions from the panel or from the individual tiles.

I'm having trouble updating firmware.

As an important note, it is NOT necessary to update firmware whenever prompted. Feel free to skip, and update firmware only if you run into issues running your code. If you are a Mac user who has updated to Ventura OS, you might need to manually write firmware to your Pico. 

Follow our guide to know how to do this:

Why does my Pico randomly disconnect when I hit "START"?

Usually this occurs when you have miswired something on your circuits. This will cause the Pico to short out and, as an auto-protection, it disconnects from the laptop. You will have to unplug the Pico and replug it. 

Make sure you correct the wiring before plugging back in though otherwise you might think your Pico is broken when it's not!

What are the parts of the Piper Make Workspace?

Once you click into a mission, you will see a screen like the following. The individual parts are:
  1. BLOCK CATEGORIES: Code blocks are arranged into helpful color-coded categories. Click on one to reveal its collection of blocks. 
  2. CODE AREA: Drag blocks into the central area to add to your program. You can drop a block under or into another one to connect it. 
  3. START BUTTON: Click the Start button to run your program on the connected Pico. 
  4. CONNECT BUTTON: Click this button to connect the user interface to the Pico plugged into your computer.
  5. DIGITAL VISUALIZER ELEMENTS: Click one of the tabs here to reveal one of four visualizers.
    • DIGITAL VIEW: lets you see if your running program, when you hit Start, is sending signals to particular pins. 
    • CONSOLE: displays what the program is doing in real-time. 
    • DATA: lets you view the data being sent from various inputs. 
    • PYTHON: shows a text version of the MicroPython program you’ve created. 
  6. TUTORIAL/ LIBRARY: If you are doing one of the Maker Challenges, this is where you’ll see instructions for what to do. The Library tab gives info on components.

Who are Piperbot and Pip in StoryMode?

Piperbot and Pip are our trusty Piper characters who were first created for the Piper Computer Kit storyline. Piper Make serves as their prequel, telling the story of their journey together on Mars — and a whole cast of characters they run into!
Check out the videos at the beginning of the missions (like this one for Tally) to follow the stories for each of the missions!

What is Creative Mode?

Creative Mode allows you to create new projects. 

A new project is a blank canvas for you to complete our Maker’s Challenges or create whatever you want. To access Creative Mode, flip the switch in the lower right corner:


Piper Make is integrated with Google Tools to make sharing and using the software easy.
Google Sign On
From the homepage, click ‘Sign In’ at the top right and sign in with your Google Classroom educator account, then click on Allow for all the permissions required by Piper.
Google Classroom Share
To share a Maker Challenge project with a class, click the classroom icon at the top right of its icon on the homepage. Choose a class from the first drop-down, then select ‘Create assignment’ from the second drop-down. Click on Go, add any instructions you like, then click Assign to post it to the class.
Share to Drive
To save a PNG image file of your code blocks for a project, click the down arrow icon next to its icon on the homepage. You then have the option of downloading the file or adding it to your Google Drive.