StoryMode: Pip Hop – Piper

StoryMode: Pip Hop

Quick Guide: Piphop 

To do this project, you will need a Piper Computer Kit


To access this project from the Piper Computer Kit main menu, click StoryMode then click Cheeseteroid.

Look for the image like you see on the right!  

(Note: You must have completed Treasure Hunt before unlocking PipHop.)


Create and listen to your own music on Piper. Pip Hop is a music sequencer where students place blocks to create measures of music and the sequencer will play their custom song! 

There are two grids, the first grid represents a piano and the second grid is percussion sounds. The vertical axis on the grids are notes in a scale for a piano or different drum sounds for the percussion while the horizontal axis represent eighth notes. Place the blocks and then play the sequencer to hear the music!

(Note: You'll need GPIO Setup: Green Button: 40, 30, Red Button: 32, 30 and 2 Buttons (green, red), 4 Wires (2 green, 2 red).

Step 1: Setup Your Play and Record Buttons

Left-click on the music board to pick the note or the sound to play. Press your “play button” on your controller, which should be the small black button on the right side of your breadboard (this should be indicated on the screen after you complete the Piping Mode Challenge), to listen to the song. Press your “record button”, which is the small black button you connected to your breadboard on the left side, to start a recording and then press the button again to save it.


Songs can be accessed by opening the file manager from the desktop, then going into piper/creations/songs/.

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