Portal Complete! – Piper


Want to go back through the tutorials? Look no further, hit these links to reset:

Thank you!

You've done it! From building your own command center and playing Minecraft with us and programming the lights on your LightShow to show off Piperbot, Pip, and your Minecraft Zombie, we hope you've enjoyed learning with us.

But this is just the beginning! Be sure to check out some more of our projects as well as the projects from the Arduino community as a whole. Here are some quick links to get you started:

Need a smile? Code one with your Command Center and Light Show!

Ready, set, go! Build and program a game where you avoid obstacles and try to finish first!

And there's so much more -- start exploring what the Arduino Open Source Community is constantly creating!

And be sure to share pictures of your creations with us using the handle @startwithpiper. We love to see what you've created!